Bloom Status

The tulips grown in Skagit Valley do not bloom according to a precise calendar and schedule predetermined by humans. Instead, the tulips bloom according to Mother Nature -- their schedule depends on the weather, particularly the weather in late winter/early spring. The tulips and daffodils only bloom once a year.

We will publish photos here showing the current status of the tulips and daffodils grown here in Skagit Valley -- Washington Bulb Company, Inc./RoozenGaarde plants the fields and the garden RoozenGaarde while Tulip Town plants the field and displays at Tulip Town. For more information on what is grown in the fields, go to

This photo shows the tulips as they looked on June 17, featuring Tulip Town's field. As you can see, the tulips are NOT blooming. They are being harvested, dried and sorted. In the fall you can buy tulip bulbs to plant in your own yard from either grower. Many of these bulbs will also be planted back in the field, ready for the show in April 2018. We will once again publish photos showing the current status of the tulips once they begin to grow in the spring of 2018!