April 1-30, 2015
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The Skagit County Historical Museum Invites You To Take Their Historic Barn Tour

September 02 2015

There are LOTS of reasons to visit Skagit Valley any time of the year. Here’s a fun one you can take now or whenever…some of the barns featured are on the tulip route!

The Skagit County Historical Museum has created a heritage barn tour including 55 historic registered barns. These self-guided tours include the build date, roof style, agricultural use and in many cases, the family history of many Skagit County pioneers.

There’s a delightful history with each cavernous structure, such as the one that has an old hand-made sign, still intact, that reads “Saturday Night Dance.” (We especially like #25, the Johnson Barn, because, like the Museum, they’re one of our great sponsors!)


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