April 1-30, 2015
Bloom Dates According to Mother Nature

Washington is a gorgeous state, known for iconic landscapes,  including Padilla Bay

August 26 2015

Washington is a gorgeous state, known for iconic landscapes. Nature Conservancy Washington set out to uncover Washington’s lesser-known treasures – special and beautiful places that are off the beaten track. They sought photo submissions, and supporters came through with more than 170 stunning entries. These photos represent the natural, diverse gems that abound in our verdant state.


Padilla Bay is an estuary at the saltwater edge of the large delta of the Skagit River in the Salish Sea. It is about eight miles long (north to south) and three miles across. In 1980, this bay was selected to be included in the National Estuarine Research Reserve System. To learn more about it (and how easy and fun it is to visit), stop by http://www.padillabay.gov/

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