April 1-30, 2016
Bloom Dates According to Mother Nature

2016 Official Merchandise and Products very popular with Tulip Fans

June 24 2016

Sales of the 2016 official poster of the festival were brisk, with 1,987 2016 posters sold. Numbers for other 2016 official merchandise were also good, with supplier Bergsma Galleries reporting sales of 1,000 magnet pads, 3,876 magnets and 2,240 items of apparel. David James, owner of Pasek Cellars which produces the official festival wines, sold out of all the 2016 bottles, and made the decision to bottle more of the tulip red!

Reports from the owners of our official coffee, cider and chocolate were equally as rosy, with those items doing very well at area shops and stores.

Tulip fans can look forward to another poster image to add to their collection as the 2017 image is currently in production. It will be unveiled on November 15, 2016 at Skagit Valley Gardens. Look for an announcement in the next couple of weeks regarding the 2017 artist and image.

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