April 1-30, 2015
Bloom Dates According to Mother Nature

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Tulip Tidings

Skagit Valley Farm Tours is this weekend, October 3 and 4

The family farms of Skagit Valley welcome and open their barns and lifestyles to you and your family for this one-of-a-kind event. On this weekend, you can have a hands-on-experience learning what it takes to run a farm.   [more]

Local Festival With an International Reputation? YES! Marinus Rouw is IFEA’s Volunteer of the Year!

Our own Marinus Rouw is the Zambelli Fireworks International Festival & Events Association Volunteer of the Year, recognized recently at the annual conference in Tucson!   [more]

The Skagit County Historical Museum Invites You To Take Their Historic Barn Tour

The Skagit County Historical Museum has created a heritage barn tour including 55 historic registered barns. The self-guided tour includes info about the structures and in many cases, the family history of Skagit County pioneers.   [more]

The Tulip Festival is proudly sponsored by: